Creating new samples and DNA extracts

Samples and DNA extracts are created in the same way as habitats, except that samples are defined for habitats and DNA extracts are defined based on samples. Thus, the corresponding wizards are available from the context menu of the ”Habitat” and ”Sample” nodes, respectively.

Figure 2.8: In the first step of the sample wizard, the sampling date is selected.
Image samplewiz1

Figure 2.9: In the second step, the sampled material as well as temperature and sampled volume/weight need to be entered.
Image samplewiz2

Figure 2.10: The DNA extract wizard allows to specify the type of DNA extract (metagenome, metatranscriptome, amplicon) and protocols used to extract the DNA.
Image extractwiz1

Figure 2.11: Depending on DNA extract type, additional data can be provided; for amplicons, primer names and the corresponding target gene (fragment) can be entered, for metatranscriptomes, the type of RNA depletion methods can be selected.
Image extractwiz2

Sebastian Jaenicke, 2020-04-28