Selecting an analysis pipeline

Figure 2.19: Analysis pipelines can be selected from the corresponding MGX project itself, from the repository of public pipelines provided by the server, or, a custom workflow can be uploaded and executed.
Image analysiswiz1

All analysis pipelines can be started from the context menu of the metagenome dataset to be analyzed, provided the user has been granted at least “User” level access. First, the user can choose the desired pipeline from the project itself, from the pipeline repository hosted on the MGX server, or upload an own pipeline implementation (2.19). Subsequently, analysis parameters can be reviewed and adapted (2.20) before submitting an analysis.

Figure 2.20: The wizard allows to inspect and adapt parameters for the selected pipeline. The actual number of steps depends on the number of parameters available for customization.
Image analysiswiz2

Figure 2.21: Before executing an analysis pipeline, a final overview of all parameters is shown. Once confirmed, the pipeline is submitted and scheduled for execution on the MGX server. Here, the selected pipeline has only one single parameter.
Image analysiswiz3

Sebastian Jaenicke, 2020-04-28