Monitoring job progress

Figure 2.22: The Job Monitor component can be opened using its icon in the toolbar.
Image JobMonOpen

Figure 2.23: The Job Monitor provides an overview of job states. Depending on context, all jobs within a MGX project or only jobs for a single dataset will be displayed.
Image JobMon

The Job Monitor component is provided to inspect the state of jobs present within a MGX project. It can be opened from the toolbar (2.22 )and will display the state of jobs scheduled for execution, currently running or already finished (2.23). In addition, it can also be used to delete jobs and corresponding analysis results when no longer needed. Depending on the selected item in the Project Explorer, the Job Monitor will by default display all jobs within a project; if a single sequencing run is selected, only jobs for this dataset will be shown.

Sebastian Jaenicke, 2020-04-28